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AQIS Cost Recovery Changes

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR - previously DAFF) have announced a change to their cost recovery arrangements effective from 1 December 2015. The changes mean that for goods with an FOB value of AUD 1,000 or more, the Import Processing Charge (Electronic Entry Charge) you see on your customs entry will increase by $17 for airfreight, $19 for LCL seafreight, and actually reduce by $3 for FCL seafreight.

The changes bring the entry costs for both LCL seafreight and FCL seafreight into line, and removes the charge per container.

Below is a table of the relevant Import Processing Charges applicable from 1 December 2015.

If FOB value less than AUD 1,000
All Entry Types$0.00per EntryNo charge - SAC

If FOB value AUD 1,000 or more but less than AUD 10,000
Airfreight$73.20per Entry
LCL Seafreight$92.00per Entry
FCL Seafreight$92.00per Entry

If FOB value AUD 10,000 or more
Airfreight$155.10per Entry
LCL Seafreight$194.60per Entry
FCL Seafreight$194.60per Entry

If you would like more information about these charges levied by Customs please contact Paul Watson on 1300 186 629.