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Introducing the MSC Oscar

The MSC Oscar is the world's largest container ship by carrying capacity. It can hold 19,244 20' containers. That's pretty big in anyone's language. Here are some interesting facts about the MSC Oscar to get you up to date this week.

1. The MSC Oscar cost USD 140 million to build. It would take almost 6 twenty foot containers to hold that many USD 1 bills.

2. The MSC Oscar isn't the longest container vessel in the world. China Shipping's flagship vessel the CSCL Globe is 400m long, whilst the MSC Oscar comes in at 395m. The MSC Oscar has the largest container ship title due to the larger carrying capacity of containers.

3. The MSC Oscar is longer than the height of the Empire State Building which stands 381m tall.

4. You could fit over 3 soccer grounds down the length of the MSC Oscar.

5. The MSC Oscar was named after the CEO and President of MSC Mr Diego Aponte's son Oscar. It is MSC tradition that vessels are named after family members of the executives of the company.

6. The vessel first sailed in January 2015 from the Korean port of Busan where she was built.

7. The MSC Oscar is staffed by a maximum crew size of 35.

8. She has a service speed of 22.8 knots

9. There are now 4 "Oscar Class" vessels in the MSC fleet with the MSC Zoe, MSC Oliver and MSC Maya also joining the fleet during 2015. These 4 vessels are all named after Aponte's children.

10. The MSC Oscar is too big to be serviced at Australian ports, so you will need to follow the vessel on her route between Europe and China to get a closer look.