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Metal Gates or Meth Gates?
Late last month, a sea cargo consignment of metal gates from China was inspected after x-ray images identified anomalies in the container. Upon further investigation the gates were physically examined and deconstructed, and Australian Border Force (ABF) officers uncovered a small package wrapped in bubble wrap containing a white crystalline substance which tested positive to methamphetamine. After deconstruction of all the gates, a total of 300 one kilogram packages of methamphetamine were found, worth an estimated street value of $300 million.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) then proceeded to commence a controlled delivery of the consignment to an address in Derrimut where three Vietnamese nationals attempted to gain access to the consignment. Four search warrants were issued in the suburbs of Derrimut, St Albans, Sunshine and Melbourne CBD and subsequently, three men were arrested and each charged with the importation of a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug.

Detective Superintendent Neil Burnage of the AFP said, “any syndicate that can arrange an importation such as this has significant resources and reach, and the loss of 300 kilograms of narcotics is definitely not what they were hoping for. As a result of this seizure, these drugs will not make it to our streets and cause further damage to our community.”