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Food Exports to the US
A new agreement signed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) and the US Food Drug Administration will make it easier to for Australian exporters to export food into the US. The agreement provides Australia and the US recognition to each other's food safety and regulatory systems as comparable to one another.

“This is good for our businesses, as it positions Australia as a safe source of food supply for the US market that will place our exporters in a position of benefit compared with other exporting countries that don’t have this agreement,” he said.

“Behind the scenes, work like this can have real benefits to producers in Australia as our safe, high quality produce has even stronger credentials when compared with produce from a country that does not have its food safety systems recognised.”

DAWR head of exports Greg Read said the agreement is expected to result in fewer in-country audits, with compliance being managed by the exporting country.

The agreement does not cover all foods, but most canned foods, seafood, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, confectionary, baked goods and pet food are covered in its scope. “Just as Australia does, the USA continues to regulate foods such as meat, egg products, shellfish and dietary supplements and more stringent requirements continue to apply,” Mr Read said.