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Dumping Duties on Paper Exports
The Australian Goverment has imposed dumping duties on A4 copy paper exported to Australia from Brazil, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Additionally, counterveiling duties apply on paper exported to Australia from uncooperative Chinese exporters. These duties were imposed after the Anti-Dumping Commission's findings and recommendations on their investigation into imported A4 copy paper.

The Anti-Dumping Commission found exports of the paper from Brazil, China, Indonesia and Thailand were dumped with margins ranging between 2.9% and 45.1%. The commission also found exports of the paper from the uncooperative Chinese exporters received subsidies with a margin of 7%. Finally, the commission found these dumped and subsidised imports caused material injury to the Australian industry that manufactures A4 copy paper, namely the only Australian paper manufacturer, Australian Paper.

Mr Laundy said the A4 copy paper investigation had been complex and consequently lengthy, involving 11 exporters, nine importers and three governments, with interested parties making a total of 151 submissions. “The measures imposed as a result of this investigation will provide an effective safeguard to Australian Paper from the effects of dumped and subsidised imports from the four countries subject to this investigation,” Mr Laundy said. “Those four countries accounted for 94% of A4 copy paper imported during the investigation period.”

Mr Laundy said almost all of the exports from China – the largest source of A4 copy paper imported into Australia – would be subject to a dumping margin of 34.4%.