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Meat Shelf Life Extensions
An extension for the accepted shelf life for Australian vacuum-packed beef and lamb meat exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to increase the value of such exports by $60m. Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce welcomed the change as an excellent result for exporters and farmers.

“The UAE is Australia’s biggest market in the Middle East for agricultural exports, with lamb and beef worth $295m to our bottom line,” Mr Joyce said. “The increased shelf life, from 90 days to 120 for vacuum-packed beef and from 70 days to 90 days for lamb, will give the industry more flexibility, drive down freight costs and increase demand when sending Australia’s premium products overseas.”

Mr Joyce said the UAE was a sophisticated importer and re-exporter of food products and a food distribution hub for other markets in the region. “Shelf life remains a trade barrier in other Middle East countries, with a total cost to the industry of up to $86m each year,” he said. “We will use the UAE’s leadership and reputation to push for change in shelf life in other countries in the region.”