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29 March 2018 

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Easter Transport Surcharges - Melbourne
With the four day Easter weekend approaching please be aware of the transport arrangments applicable. Terminals do not provide extended availability over the Easter weekend, so if a container is available from Easter Friday, it will be in storage by Easter Monday. As such, carriers will be operating over the weekend in order to collect containers during this time to avoid storage. Any containers that require collection from the terminal over the long weekend will incur a $231 surcharge + GST.

Carriers will not be responsible for any detention over the long weekend and clients are reminded that 2 working days notification is required for empty dehire. Empty depots will be closed for the long weekend, but shipping lines will usually not offer extensions on free time, so please be aware of the potential for increased costs. If you have a container on site today and it becomes empty, please advise us urgently so that we can arrange collection as soon as possible (potentially not until Wednesday 4 April but we will always make best efforts). If you have any queries please contact our Transport Manager Soucheng Chan on 03 9544 4227.

Happy Easter
From all of us here at Tomax Logistics, we hope that you have a Happy Easter with your families. We also hope that 2018 has gotten off to a great start for you and your business. Good luck holding back from eating too many chocolate eggs...they're just too yummy!! Have an enjoyable and safe Easter.

Tomax Logistics Warehousing - Class 2.2 Premises
Tomax is pleased to announce that our Noble Park warehouse is now a class 2.2 Quarantine Approved Premises. We are now able to unpack and have inspections arranged on all manner of agricultural and food related cargo. If you have any queries about how we may be able to serve you further in this area, please contact Paul Watson on 1300 186 629.

Reminder: Another Change to Quarantine Packing Declarations
Just a final reminder to all that Quarantine have changed the format AGAIN for the Packing Declarations. With the recent decision by AQIS to accept bamboo packaging as long as it is treated by an approved method, the word bamboo has been removed from the prohibited packaging list, and alterations made to the pallets section.

The new declarations are required to be in place by 1 July 2018, but it is suggested that you introduce the new declarations to your suppliers asap so that they know about the revised requirements well beforehand. Attached are the new format declarations, and we have also provided links below:

FCL LCL Packing Dec
Annual Packing Dec

Container Volumes on the Rise
Indications from many areas suggest that the Australian economy is entering a growth stage. One such area is the increase in full imported container volumes across the country. Melbourne and Fremantle recorded strong year on year growth in February for container throughput. Fremantle was up by 5% in February, and Melbourne recorded a 26% increase. Melbourne has now had 6 months of growth in containerised trade through the port.

Container throughput at Tomax Logistics has mirrored this growth. In February, the number of containers imported by Tomax on behalf of clients was 41% above the average, which continues a trend that has seen 17 consecutive months of large growth in container volumes. Tomax volumes in the first two months of 2018 have been at record highs, not only due to new client signings, but also growth from many of our existing clients. Of course this growth is not possible without great performance by our clients, congratulations to those that are reaching new heights in 2018 and we thank you for your support.

Easter Bunny Funnies
Here are some Easter related funnies for a laugh today. Enjoy your Easter weekend!