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14 September 2018 

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Illegal Logging – Have You Undertaken Due Diligence To Ensure You Are Compliant?
The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) have been sending out letters to Australian businesses to ensure they are aware of Australia’s Illegal Logging laws. The purpose of these laws are to make the importer more aware of their products, where they are sourced, and if necessary, draw you away from potentially illegal supply chains. These laws are targeted to timber/paper based products which are predominantly four chapters of the import tariff – chapters 44, 47, 48, and 94.

If you have done nothing then it is time to do something.

A good start would be to undertake a due diligence exercise on the timber/paper based product you import. We suggest you refer the DAWR webinar here on illegal logging polices. Pay special attention from the 18 minute mark of the presentation, which details in depth of what is required in conducting a due diligence exercise.

Should you require any further assistance in relation to the above or any other import matter, please feel free to contact Shawn Solomons on 1300 186 629 or via email shawn@tomax.com.au.

COSCO Thailand
Just a week after OOCL Seoul became the largest container ship to visit Melbourne, that same record has been smashed. The even larger COSCO Thailand arrived at Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) over the weekend (8 September), before departing the following afternoon at 3.45pm.

The COSCO Thailand is a 101,200 DWT vessel and was launched in 2010 in Hong Kong. According to the VesselTracking website, it has a TEU capacity of 8500.

VICT terminal operations and optimisation manager Paul Kelly presented chief officer Junjie Edusma with a plaque to mark the occasion.

Air Cargo Export Examinations
With the terrorism plot dangerously close to being carried out at Sydney airport back in July 2017, Australia's aviation industry is constantly employing effective security measures to protect our trade and travel.

Australia introduced piece-level screening for airfreight exports to the United States since 1 July 2017, and it is considered the most effective way to address current and emerging threats to air cargo. As part of responding to this shift in threat and risk to Australian aviation, from 1 March 2019 the Australian Government will be examining export air cargo at piece-level, regardless of destination.

“Piece-level” refers to examination of export air cargo at the lowest level of consolidation (that is, each individual box, carton or other similar item) by a regulated air cargo agent (RACA) under an enhanced air cargo examination (EACE) notice.

If you have any queries regarding your air cargo export please feel free to contact Don McKenzie on 1300 186 629 or email don@tomax.com.au.

Green Light for Inland Rail
The Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments have given the go ahead for construction to begin on the Parkes to Narromine section of the Inland Rail.

Deputy Prime Minister and infrastructure minister Michael McCormack advised that the environmental approvals were a vital step in making the Inland Rail vision a reality. “I am excited for the first section of Inland Rail construction to commence, with $9.3bn in federal government investment,” he said. “Communities across regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland will see the benefit of better access to markets at home and overseas, as well as ensuring Australia meets the challenge of our freight task which is set to double.”

Minister for finance Mathias Cormann said: “Through the investment in Inland Rail, the Australian government is delivering on its commitment to increase freight productivity, ease road congestion and streamline supply chains for businesses and consumers”.

Minister for the Environment Melissa Price said final approval for these works under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act was provided by the Department of the Environment and Energy this week. “The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) can start its upgrade to the 106 kilometres of track between these two important regional service centres,” she said.

NSW minister for roads, maritime and freight Melinda Pavey welcomed the next step toward making the Parkes to Narromine section a reality. “The capacity to move freight efficiently and reliably is the single most important factor in ensuring the continued health of our domestic economy, and in growing and maintaining economic competitiveness,” she said.

Federal member for Parkes Mark Coulton said he was pleased to see regional Australians are ready for Inland Rail. “Inland Rail was what made me get off the tractor and put my hand up for Parliament – this is going to be a transformational investment in communities throughout Western NSW,” he said.

NSW Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts said he was pleased to see both governments give the green light for the first Inland Rail project to begin. “Our freight network supports economic growth in New South Wales, however the existing freight rail line is constrained as it travels through the congested Sydney network, bypassing some of the state’s most productive agricultural regions," he said.

CMA CGM Turns 40
This week French container giant CMA CGM celebrated its 40th anniversary.

On 13 September 1978, the late Jacques R. Saadé founded CMA (Compagnie maritime d’affrètement) and started the company’s first service, which linked Marseilles, Livourne, Beirute and Latakia. The group subsequently expanded its activities to the whole of the Mediterranean Basin.

The company then moved into markets further afield in the 1980s and 1990s, acquiring several regional lines, including CGM in 1996, and the Australian National LIne (ANL) in 1998.

Today, the shipping company is the fourth largest container liner in the world, with a capacity to carry 2.64m TEU, or 11.7% of the total global share.

Dogs Sniff Out Cocaine
On 12 September 2018 at Perth airport, two Australian Border Force (ABF) dogs, ‘Ellery’ and ‘Vulc’ and their handlers were tasked with checking all baggage from a flight from South Africa. It is alleged that both canines independently detected the presence of drugs in a 36-year-old Brazilian national's suitcase. X-rays of the suitcase later indicated two packages hidden in its base - allegedly containing 2-3 kilograms of cocaine.

The Brazilian national was arrested and charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, with a maximum penalty being life imprisonment. He will front court in October this year.

ABF Regional Commander for WA, Rod O’Donnell, paid tribute to the detector dogs and their handlers. “The Detector Dog Unit is a vital part of our border screening process. The dogs’ ability to detect illicit drugs no matter how well disguised or hidden they are never ceases to amaze,” Commander O’Donnell said. “The ABF uses a range of assessment techniques to identify travellers of interest and then uses cutting edge x-ray, detection technology and those aforementioned acute canine noses to identify prohibited items crossing the border.”

AFP Airport Police Commander, Superintendent Brett Jackson, said the arrest comes after a separate alleged cocaine importation at Perth Airport just last week. “This shows our authorities are working seamlessly to protect our communities at these gateways. Anyone thinking an airport is a soft target should consider what they are facing – a potential life behind bars,” AFP Superintendent Jackson said.

Rate Restoration
OOCL would like to advise that there will be a Rate Restoration of US$300 / 20’ and US$600 / 40’ from 15th of October 2018, for both dry and refrigerated cargoes in the base ocean freight for cargoes from China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong to ports and points in Australia.

This increase will be applied in full on top of existing ongoing market rates to all shipments based on shipment onboard date, and will be subject to ancillary surcharges applicable at the time of shipment.

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2. What trade agreement is referred to as ChAFTA?

3. How many TEU would 2 x 40’GP containers equate to? (Hint – TEU stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit)

4. What is the capital of Cambodia?

5. The new amalgamated shipping network called O.N.E. is made up of three shipping lines from which country? [Hint – Google “ONE network shipping”]

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