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10 January 2020 

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New CFS Infrastructure Fees
As per recent Tomax newsletters and social media posts, there are a large number of increases coming through from container terminals, empty container depots, and container unpacking depots. Similar to the Infrastructure Levies introduced by container terminals unloading vessels, the CFS depots involved in LCL container unpacks have also been slowing adding and increasing their own Infrastructure Levy, partly to cover the fees charged by the container terminals, but also to increase their own revenue.

The latest round of CFS Infrastructure Levy changes were brought in from 1st January 2020, and sees the introduction of a new fee separating it from the normal port and terminal charges, and being charged at $8.50 + GST per CBM/tonne. As per our previous notices, Tomax Logistics and our industry association partners are continuing to fight against the endless addition and growth of these fees by appealing to the organisations themselves as well as to the government agencies that regulate them.

New Chicago Office
As our USA operations continue to expand, Tomax is excited to announce the opening of a new office in Chicago. The office is managed by Nick Reece (nick@tomaxgroup.com) and will focus primarily on airfreight operations with O’Hare airport in Chicago being a major hub for air cargo.

Michael Wood, CEO of Tomax USA, said “It’s been a busy three months for Tomax Logistics USA. In October we welcomed Nick Reece to the company and commenced operations in our new Chicago office. Over the coming months we expect this office to grow significantly as we add further team members and clients to that operation. It hasn’t been quiet in Seattle either with December being our biggest month to date with an almost 100% increase on December 2018. This growth has led us to employ a new staff person in Seattle. Christina Wiley will be joining the team next week in operations so feel free to drop her a welcome email at docs@tomaxgroup.com.

America can be a challenging country to provide logistics services at times. 25% larger than Australia with clients scattered across the entire length and breadth. Throw in extreme weather conditions in many States, complicated rail and trucking processes, a dose of time zone difference and top it off with a pinch of “what can go wrong usually does” and you have an industry that is fraught with unexpected surprises every day. Keeping on top of these challenges and keeping our clients’ needs front and centre in our mind each day has been our basic recipe for success and growth thus far and we look forward to the year ahead.

The addition of Nick and Christina to the Tomax USA team will further strengthen our ability and resolve to offer the highest level of customer service we can possibly provide.”

Updated Tomax Melbourne Staff List
Due to recent growth we have added more members to our team to keep up with demand and to maintain customer service levels. Please find attached an updated list of staff here in our Melbourne headquarters. Feel free to contact our team with any queries that you may have.

Expanded Domestic Transport Services
Over the last 12 months Tomax has added new service offerings in order to expand further on our goal of being a full end-to-end supply chain service provider. Supplying these services directly by utilising our own assets and resources means that we rely less and less on third parties. Tomax is now servicing several clients with fixed contract domestic delivery services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, as well as rural areas. If you are looking for solutions for regular cargo deliveries on fixed routes, please contact our team on courier@tomax.com.au.

Friday Quiz - ***Win a Prize – Tomax Goodies Bag including Wine ***
Alright, it’s quiz time! Be the first person to email sales@tomax.com.au with the answers to the following questions and one of our team will visit you to hand deliver your prize pack!

1. Go to www.tomax.com.au and find out in what year Tomax was founded.

2. What does the Incoterm EXW stand for?

3. Which Australian cricketer made 4 test centuries this summer including 215 against NZ at the SCG?

4. What is the currency of Vietnam?

5. In which country would you find the ancient ruins of Petra?